CAMPAIGNS: Kids kept clean by Soap Sud Sal - Public Awareness

Client: Johnson and Johnson MSD Consumer Pharmaceuticals

Client: Johnson and Johnson MSD Consumer Pharmaceuticals

PR Team: Jo Spink PR

Campaign: Clean Crusaders

Timescale: September 1998 ongoing

Budget: undisclosed

At any one time, some 40 per cent of children below the age of ten are

infected with threadworm. The half-inch white worms that live in the

bowel and its surroundings may not actually cause any symptoms. However,

if left untreated, the infectious condition can lead to bed-wetting and


Jo Spink Public Relations was hired by Johnson and Johnson MSD Consumer

Pharmaceuticals to devise a PR programme supporting its threadworm

treatment, Ovex.


To promote Ovex as a treatment for threadworm to parents, journalists,

teachers, school nurses and health visitors. To teach children basic

hygiene rules, such as hand washing, in a memorable way.


With the help of the National Health Education Liaison Group, Jo Spink

PR produced a ten-minute video featuring goodie Soap Sud Sally and

baddie Dirty Beastie.

The video, narrated by children’s TV personality Floella Benjamin, told

the story of two children who, after failing to wash their hands and

eating sandwiches that had been dropped on the floor, miss a trip to the

seaside due to stomach upsets.

The video uses music, and the characters subtly dispense advice while

moving the action along.

To convey the information to parents, Jo Spink PR created a Clean

Crusaders campaign pack. It included Soap Sud Sally and Dirty Beastie

colouring sheets for the children, ’I’m a Clean Crusader’ stickers,

posters for display in classroom windows and Ovex-branded leaflets,

which explained the campaign and the symptoms of threadworm to


Key parenting magazines were presented with information on the campaign

and given a video and campaign pack. They were also sent ’Keep Clean’

kits as reader give-aways. The kits contained Dettol cleaning products,

handwashes and soaps, as well as the video and campaign pack.

More than 26,000 primary schools were sent a promotional flyer

advertising the campaign with the option of ordering the video and

campaign pack.

Local pharmacies were provided with background information, posters and

leaflets for parents.


Around 1,000 schools requested the campaign pack. Features appeared in

Chat, Woman’s Own and Practical Parenting as well as trade magazines

Practice Nurse, the Teacher and Healthlines.

Jo Spink PR now plans to take Soap Sud Sally and Dirty Beastie to

shopping centres and schools in a nationwide tour this summer.


The key to success was the involvement of children. Ghislaine Robson,

Johnson and Johnson MSD Consumer Pharmaceuticals group product director

said: ’It is doubly effective to get kids involved because it motivates

parents and school nurses.’

By making the campaign packs a fun educational tool, Jo Spink succeeded

in bringing teachers on board. Clear Ovex branding reinforced the link

to the product, ensuring it was not lost in the campaign.

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