ANALYSIS: BIG QUESTION; Does the industry need a standard unit of media measurement?

The IPR and PRCA are backing a joint industry body to develop a standard unit of measurement

The IPR and PRCA are backing a joint industry body to develop a standard

unit of measurement

Raymond Wilson Norwich Union

‘Yes, because it would help the decision-making process which involves

both PR people and non-PR people like chief executives and financial

directors who are used to having a way of appraising what they invest

in. You wouldn’t spend a million pounds on advertising without ensuring

what your return would be. More money would be spent on PR if there was

a standard measurement.’

Nicholas Grant Mediatrack

‘It is an industry standard that we need more than a standard unit. The

industry needs to find a way to benchmark the various available forms of

research by requiring strict quality control. Rather than relying on a

magic solution, a brand new unit plucked out of thin air, we should

build on existing best practice. Some people are attempting to

steamroller this ill-defined proposal through but there are glaring gaps

which have been glossed over and ignored.’

Dermot McKeone Infopress’

‘We need a common unit both for the PR effectiveness and ‘media

profile’. But having common units of measurements won’t excuse PR

professionals from answering the question ‘Have I met my objectives?’

There are many ways of meeting objectives and the media analysis

business will continue to offer ways of telling them if they have


Peter Crowe National Dairy Council

‘Yes it does. But media relations is only one part of what we do. Media

measurement is a measurement of activity rather than the outcome of what

we do. Still, it’s an important start. Going on using, as many people

do, advertising value equivalents, can do nothing but harm to us.

Genuine evaluation must go hand in hand with approved planning

procedures. Only by being very clear about what it is we’re setting out

to do and how we’re going to do it, can we know if we’re succeeding.’

Mark Westaby Metrica

‘In Metrica’s experience there remains a great deal to be done to

educate PR practitioners on media evaluation. This is one of the main

reasons why the dreaded advertising value equivalent (AVE) continues to

persist. The standard being discussed would provide a much better

alternative to AVE and still enable media evaluation companies to

provide an added value service to clients.’

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