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Posted by Drew Benvie

26 October: Twitter 'costs British economy £1.38bn'. Does the web cost us for using it or cost those that don't? Today a piece of research has been released showing social media costs us dearly in time lost adding friends, twittering away and commenting on status updates. It reminded me of a point made by the veteran CIO JP Rangaswami on the reaction to telephones on office workers' desks when that technology first made it into the workplace.

Really Smart phones

Posted by Dirk Singer

26 October: 'Let's face it, the internet was designed for the PC. The internet is not designed for the iPhone.' (Microsoft chief Steve Ballmer.) Yep, that would be right Steve. In fact, maybe you should check out this awesome presentation by Norwegian digital strategist Helge Tenno about all the things smart phones supposedly cannot do.

Media not dead yet

Posted by Ged Carroll

23 October: The mainstream media are still a vehicle to be reckoned with. Paul Armstrong does a great job at cataloguing the litany of media cuts and publication closures on themediaisdying, but that doesn't tell the whole story. In a room of full of arguably the most ardent social media advocates, Joanne Jacobs talked about the power the mainstream media still have.

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