Editorial: Maximising the embarrassment

This week the world finally cottoned on to what motivates Max Clifford.

This week the world finally cottoned on to what motivates Max


It is not the prospect of money or fame, and certainly not the

approbation of the PR community that he seeks. He does it all for

political reasons.

In his view, he is not simply the conduit for the avaricious to sell

their tabloid fare to the highest bidder. He is St Max, the avenging

angel of the poor and disadvantaged, hellbent on a ’personal vendetta

based on what (the Tories) have done to the NHS’. This he intends to

carry out by producing a succession of scandalous tales about Tory MPs.

His first foray, libel suits notwithstanding, was impeccably timed to

inflict maximum embarrassment on the Government.

Clifford says that ’kiss and tell’ deals constitute only a small

percentage of his work, but they are nearly 100 per cent of what he is

famous for.

Needless to say, his headline grabbing antics have not exactly helped

the image of public relations - not that he cares about that. He

believes the PR industry is a hotbed of hypocrisy as well.

The elders of the PR industry are famously divided on whether it is

better to try publicly to distance him from the rest of the industry, or

to keep their heads down.

By revealing his personal crusade, he has perhaps done them a backhanded

favour. The more he makes headlines in his own right, the more he will

be seen as a one-off - another of those idiosyncratic characters that

inhabit the fringes of British public life - and not a typical example

of the PR breed.

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