BIG QUESTION: What are your predictions for 1997?

Jean Leopold Schuybroek

Jean Leopold Schuybroek

Interel, Belgium

’1996 was a great year for agencies and I think it will be the same in

1997. Public opinion is becoming more vocal and people want to have more

input in what is going on - we have seen this politically, in Belgium,

but it has also been the case in Britain with the BSE crisis. More

companies are, consequently, coming to PR consultants for help. In 1997

I think there will also be a closer relationship between public

relations and public affairs.’

Terence Collis

Lowe Bell Financial

I have three predictions for 1997: whatever the result of the general

election bad PR will, erroneously, be blamed for defeat; misguided

senior PR people and IPR officers will continue to talk of public

relations as a profession and demand regulation, especially in financial

PR (they are completely wrong and nothing will change) and England will

win the Test series against Australia.’

Matthew Ravden


’1997 will be the year technology comes home. If we’re ever to become a

true information society, computers and the Internet will have to be

available in every home - let’s hope that this is high enough on the

pre-election agenda. I think the key change this will bring about in the

PR industry is that, as we will be targeting the mass consumer market,

we will need young creative minds who can speak the language that

ordinary people understand.’

Tomaso Galli

Ketchum Europe

’I think it will be a good year for PR, not only in the UK, but

throughout Europe. From an agency perspective, the interesting areas

will be how agencies strike the right balance between geography and

practice areas and how they expand value for their clients. In 1997

value, measurement and price will be like three interlocking rings and

so the closer we can position ourselves at the intersection of the rings

the more valuable we will become to our clients.’

Alix Robson

Aurelia PR

’At the end of 1996 we saw a definite upturn in the luxury goods market

with the emergence of a new ’connoisseur consumer society’ which chooses

high quality products with an emphasis on the heritage and history of

the brand. Now that we are out of the grunge period people are enjoying

and liking themselves more, and as these consumers become more

sophisticated in 1997, the PR industry will have to reflect these


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