ANALYSIS: BIG QUESTION; What do you want for Christmas?

Adrian Wheeler, GCI

Adrian Wheeler, GCI

‘All I want for Christmas is my two front teeth which are lying

somewhere in a rugby pitch in Blackheath. But I don’t believe in the

tooth fairy any more, so I’m asking Santa Claus for a dog - preferably

a red setter.’

Gary Farrow, Sony Music Entertainment

‘An Aston Martin.’

Peter Bingle, The Communications Group

‘I hope Santa Claus delivers the collected works of Lord Nolan; the Good

Food Guide; the 1996 Gramophone CD Guide; a bumper crop of CDs

(including the serious operas of Rossini) and lots of new clients.’

Hilary Meacham, Focus PR

‘I would like a day as the first lady jockey to win the Grand National.

I would also like more clients who appreciate how much of ourselves we

put into doing the best job we can.’

Kevin Soady, Dewe Rogerson

‘To spend more time with my daughter.’

Joy Le Fevre, Le Fevre Williamson

‘Baywatch Barbie (with dolphin) in the red outfit, pounds 11.75 from

Woolworth’s; and Quentin Bell’s pay packet.’

Mark Borkowski, Mark Borkowski PR

‘A month’s holiday with no clients to look after and no nasty skeletons

leaping out of the closet. I would like to read about 19 books, sit by

the shore and see more of my child.’

Alex Royffe, British Telecom

‘A phone call from Terry Venables pleading with me to dust off my boots

and lead England to glory in next year’s European Championships; Cindy

Crawford to convince me to stop seeing Naomi Campbell and start seeing

her instead; and half of Quentin Bell’s charm and one zillionth of his


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