Public Sector: Campaign Breakdown - Freshers' Fairs

Agency: Trimedia North
Client: NHS Blood and Transplant (combining UK Transplant and the
National Blood Service)
Timescale: September-October 2009
Budget: Undisclosed

Describe the campaign

NHS Blood and Transplant and Trimedia North are taking the 'lifesaver' campaign on the road, touring university freshers' fairs across England with a Baywatch-themed stand. New students are being encouraged to think about becoming a 'lifesaver for life' by signing up to the Organ Donor Register and starting to give blood.

Why is it happening now?

Freshers' week is a time when students are already making big decisions about their life and their future. The freshers' fair tour aims to get students to think seriously about organ and blood donation as part of the important decisions they will make in their first year.

Who is being targeted?

New university students - and particularly those from black and Asian minority ethnic backgrounds as there are shortages of blood and organ donors among these groups.

What is planned next?

This year, Trimedia is focusing on building strong relationships with editors of students' union newspapers, websites and radio stations to encourage them to run ongoing campaigns and act as a mouthpiece for spreading the message about organ and blood donation to students. Face masks of David Hasselhoff are being handed out with the tagline: 'We can't all be The Hoff, but we can all be Lifesavers.'

What challenges does the campaign face?

As with all NHS Blood and Transplant's campaigns, encouraging people to think about donating organs after their death or giving blood can be very challenging and highly sensitive. This campaign especially faces the challenge of targeting young people, who tend to be particularly reluctant to think about their own mortality.

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