Judge and Jury: Rolls-Royce sale will roll on thanks to expert handling - Vickers appeared to handle the announcement of the sale of Rolls-Royce very adroitly but maybe the UK population has just become less Eurosceptic, say Lyle Closs, acting managing di

Since 27 October, Vickers PR team has taken hundreds of calls from the media and the public. Only a small percentage were concerned that the Rolls-Royce marque of excellence might be lost to the Empire. Some, with a simple faith, suggested it should be sold to Richard Branson. I suspect these people are connected with the Eurosceptic portion of the self-depleting Conservative Party. They are certainly out of step with the general response which has been that the move makes excellent business sense, both for Vickers and for Rolls-Royce .

by DAN HOLLIDAY, associate director for Hi

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