THIS WEEK’S BIG QUESTION: How long a commercial shelf life do the Spice Girls have?

Spice Girls endorsements have risen to eight with the Poppy Appeal and Polaroid’s Spice-Cam

Spice Girls endorsements have risen to eight with the Poppy Appeal

and Polaroid’s Spice-Cam

Alex Johnston

Freud Communications

’They’re not exactly endorsement virgins. There were all kinds of

benefits for Pepsi and Impulse getting in early but as you notch another

endorsement on the bedpost you lose any aspirational value you might

once have generated. The Spice Girls can still deliver headlines but

their value of saying something interesting about brands is diminishing

But they’re still delivering impact to clients and while they’re able to

do that they have some value.’

Matt Fearnley

Larkspur Communications

’Celebrity endorsement must be memorable and relevant. While I’m a fan,

attaching too many products to a celeb can only devalue them among all

but their hardiest fans, while the product gets lost among the others

they’re pushing at the same time. I think the Spice Girls have plenty of

time to do some more endorsements but it’ll be very different in a

year’s time.’

Lyla Smith

Thomson Holidays

’I think post-Christmas if they have any commercial benefit at all it

would be a miracle, as they are in danger of complete overkill. The

market they appeal to is so fickle and moves on quickly to the next ’big

thing’. Even as one fad is peaking the next one is coming up


Martin Thomas

Cohn and Wolfe

’Playground research says they are yesterday’s news. We researched ten

and 11-year-olds, they still know all the songs and they did all the

dances for us, but when we asked them if they liked them, they said


They have done a superb job of tying up endorsements and Remembrance Day

was inspired. But as far as products go, I am now dubious about their

ability to shift products off the shelves.’

Julien Speed

The Public Relations Business

’I think this phenomenon is typical of the media-hyped mass hysteria

that pervades modern day Britain. Most people seem to have so little

going on in their lives they have to make it vicariously interesting by

whipping themselves up into a frenzy over five girls who aren’t

particularly pretty and who aren’t great singers. They’ve already

totally oversold themselves to the point where their endorsement has no

credibility - any manufacturer signing them up now has more money than


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