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RSS on the rise.

Posted by Danny Whatmough

6 September I'm a huge fan of RSS. It is the glue that holds much of the internet together. It allows anyone to stay on top of the hordes of information on the web quickly and easily, without having to visit a website to get updates. Publishers have embraced it. RSS feeds are included in all blog platforms as standard and now, more and more, you see that little orange logo appearing in browser address bars.

The colour of email

Posted by Jonny Stark

4 September In digital PR the majority of pitching is done via email - so is there an optimum pitching colour that will guarantee your story will be a success? Readability is a major consideration (garish pink and lime green = instant fail) but it would be interesting to see whether the shades of colour you pick play a part in having someone open your message, rather than consign it to 'deleted items'.

Twittercrat 'news'

Posted by Stuart Bruce

3 September Once again the media have been getting their knickers in a twist because the UK Government is recruiting a 'Twittercrat' who will be 'paid to teach the Government how to use social media such as Twitter, Facebook and Bebo'. Cue lots of critical comment and editorials. Except that most of it wasn't true and every single story contained inaccuracies.

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