Taking Action ... Christian Aid vs G20 finance ministers

Target: G20 finance leaders Protesters: Christian Aid Location: Golden Hinde ship, London Date: 3 September

Christian Aid: pirate protest
Christian Aid: pirate protest

The lowdown

Christian Aid staff dressed up as pinstripe 'pirates' and boarded the Golden Hinde ship in Southwark last Thursday, to highlight the charity's tax justice campaign. The action came as G20 finance ministers met in London last week. The charity wanted to send a message to prioritise reforms that would help developing countries counter the tax dodging of some global companies.

Why the protest?

Christian Aid says that every year the developing world is cheated out of as much as £100bn in revenue by companies disguising their profits - often by using tax havens - to lower their tax liability. The charity believes if the money lost to developing countries at present was recovered, it could save the lives of 350,000 children under the age of five each year.

What does it want to happen?

The charity wants new rules that would force tax havens to reveal the identities of firms and individuals holding funds offshore and the amounts involved.

How did the media cover it?

The Press Association covered the protest under the headline: 'Smart protest against tax dodging'. The article said the £100bn tax-dodging figure was 'around one-and-a-half times the amount that is given in aid from rich countries to poor countries'.

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