THIS WEEK’S BIG QUESTION: Will corporate sponsors now start flocking to the Dome?

The contents of the Millennium Dome were revealed last week by the Prime Minister

The contents of the Millennium Dome were revealed last week by the

Prime Minister

Tony Spalding Vauxhall Motors

’I’m old enough to remember the 1951 Festival of Britain. That fired the

country’s imagination. The Greenwich project will do the same and on an

international level. I’m immensely excited about it now that we can see

something happening and have had a glimpse of the innovative and

exciting ideas for the Dome. The pity is that doubt and confusion were

sown in the early days by the lack of good PR and political


Gail Hall

Intel Corporation

’It’s not an attractive proposition for corporate sponsors at the

moment. There has been too much bad publicity and it’s a project that is

too closely allied to the Government. But there are huge corporate gains

for the sponsor who sails in at the last minute and helps to save the

project. Excitement will build but the project hasn’t yet engaged

people’s hearts and minds.’

Stewart Prosser

Royal Bank of Scotland

’The exact details are still sketchy. To be successful sponsorship

proposals have to capture hearts and minds but the benefits are not yet

clear enough. The Government is trying hard to work against the element

of uncertainty in the public’s perception of the project. For companies

looking to get involved it is important that it is at least viewed

positively by people.’

Simon Matthews

Fishburn Hedges

’The biggest PR enemy in situations like this is secrecy. People didn’t

know much about it so they made up their own minds. There is now a new

anticipation and excitement despite sniping by some prima donnas. It

will gather momentum and people will get more excited.’

Nick Chaloner

Abbey National

’When trying to sell anything you need to present the complete picture

of what you are expecting people to buy. Until companies have seen

everything it’s difficult to decide. The presentation was done quite

effectively, we now have a much fuller picture of the possibilities, and

it is something we can begin to understand. However, I’m still not

convinced that many people will want to visit the site. It looks

dramatic but it’s a pity that the structure is temporary.’

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