BIG QUESTION: Should there be tougher privacy laws?

The death of Diana, Princess of Wales is being partly attributed to aggressive paparazzi

The death of Diana, Princess of Wales is being partly attributed to

aggressive paparazzi

David Wynne-Morgan

WMC Communications

’There should be tougher laws on intrusive photos, but making them work

will be extraordinarily difficult. There have been numerous cases where

the public has been outraged by pictures, but it dies down. Then as soon

as another good picture comes up one newspaper breaks rank and buys it

In the wake of this disaster many British newspaper editors have blamed

the foreign press, but the biggest single market for these kind of

photos is Britain.’

Sue Hardwick

Hardwick Press and Publicity

’We should look carefully at the way public figures are harassed beyond

belief. It takes a tragedy such as this to draw greater focus.

I’m not in favour of legislation for legislation’s sake, but I’m not

convinced the current system works. It is not just the tragic death of

the Princess that has brought this concern about, it is the paparazzi

going for a story at any cost.’

Roger Haywood

Worldcom Group

’The law must be strengthened to give people not just ownership of their

name and reputation but of their image. This would mean pictures could

not be used without permission except under defined circumstances.

It is the only way to stop the use of intrusive photographs and the

harassment that many celebrities and others can do little to counter. It

would stop intrusion at source, for editors would not be prepared to pay

for pictures if there was a possibility of legal action and costs and


Trevor Morris

Quentin Bell Organisation

’We all want tougher privacy laws, but will we like them once we’ve got

them? They would be hard to implement without damaging investigative

journalism. France has some of the toughest privacy laws, but they

couldn’t stop the paparazzi chasing Diana. New laws could prove similar

to the recent legislation concerning dangerous dogs which was rushed

through without proper realisation of the consequences.’

Bonnie Brownlee

Duchess of York’s office

’We have to wait for a full investigation to know for sure what the

paparazzi’s role was, but I suspect we will have to tighten up the


We need to look carefully at photographers who make a lot of money by

chasing people, but we as a public are buying the stories so we should

take some of the blame.’

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