THIS WEEK’S BIG QUESTION: Can Camelot ever shake off its fat cat image?

The lottery operator’s directorswill receive generous bonuses again this year

The lottery operator’s directorswill receive generous bonuses again

this year

Jack Irvine

Media House

’The Camelot directors should all resign and hand it over to Richard

Branson. From the start Camelot has misjudged the whole ethos of the

lottery by paying huge bonuses. Branson captured the mood of public

thinking early on and has the moral high ground. So it’s impossible for

Camelot to shed the fat cat image.’

Andrew Osborne

Raleigh International

’I can understand the argument of paying the right wages for the right

staff - however when the UK public buy their lottery ticket they are

buying into the dream of winning a million, contributing to worthwhile

causes or both - they don’t want to feel they are lining the pockets of

company directors. To shed the fat cat image and in the interest of the

charities who benefit from the lottery, big bonuses have to end.’

Alex Sandberg

College Hill

’The Camelot team have built the world’s most successful lottery from

scratch. It has out-performed all the targets set for it, perhaps most

importantly the ones concerning contributions to good causes. Whether

you approve of the Lottery or not, this team has produced a stellar


Fat cats? Successful entrepreneurs, more like.’

George Pitcher

Luther Pendragon

’Chris Smith did Camelot the best turn by bollocking its directors -

when governments start dictating pay policy, media sympathy is going to

swing behind the target, however fat it is. That said, Camelot has never

cracked the business media and doesn’t even appear to have tried much

If you want to earn lots of money without attracting the politics of

envy you need to be seen to be running a great company - or even a great

game of monopoly.’

Louise White


’We can try to shed the ’Fat Cat’ image but this is really dependent on

public perceptions as a whole. We have made the lottery successful

because it is positioned as the people’s lottery. The downside is that

we are queried over making a profit out of it. We can address this by

highlighting exactly what is done with the money paid out. We made a

mistake in portraying what we do as too simple and now need to get

across the expertise behind running the lottery.’ The other issue is if

you look at the salaries paid out they are in line with the market


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