THIS WEEK’S BIG QUESTION: Should Brown distance himself from the Diana memorial schemes?

Gordon Brown announced the schemes to a mixed reception last week

Gordon Brown announced the schemes to a mixed reception last


Deborah Rozansky

Royal College of Nursing

’The Chancellor is now quite clearly associated with the Memorial

Committee so it is more important for him to ensure the proposals are

managed well. The real hot potato is the garden. But the Diana nurses

and children’s awards are such a perfect fit and potentially so popular

and practical - and they could even help show a softer side to the Iron


Keith Betton

Association of British Travel Agents

’Few people seem to understand the valuable job he is doing as chairman

of the Memorial Committee. Brown’s problem is that while the similarly

named memorial fund considers the merits of margarine tubs, he gets the

blame. The best advice would be to quickly publicise the committee’s

decisions and then wind it up. As for the fund - I would stand clear and

suggest that St Tony takes a lead in calming down the Spencers and

Kensington residents.’

Sue Hardwick

Sue Hardwick Press and Publicity

’He should step down right away. It is time someone more professional in

these matters took over, someone with astute business sense and a

feeling for charity work. What is more, Gordon Brown is too dour and

preoccupied, and the flak he is getting on this issue is deflecting

attention from the good work he is doing elsewhere. He has the ability

to be a tremendously good chancellor, but he is not right for this role

- just not charismatic enough.’

Martin Thomas

Cohn and Wolfe

’If Government is going to get itself involved in the Diana memorial, it

should go to an appropriate department, like heritage, not a weighty

chancellor who should be seen to be getting on with running the


We want a prudent chancellor, not a flamboyant character using populist

issues to boost his appeal.’

Mark Borkowski

Mark Borkowski Press and PR

’The schisms surrounding this issue are threatening to wreck the whole

memorial administration. If Gordon Brown manages to pull it off, devote

some time and energy to communicating the ideas the committee wants to

pursue and how they are going to work, this could be fantastic, a timely

way of commemorating Diana and showing Brown’s popular touch. But if the

disarray continues there could be some nasty surprises round the


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