INTERNATIONAL: PR salary growth in the US is level with UK rises

US: PR salaries in the US have grown by seven per cent during the last year, according to a survey by US publication PR News.

US: PR salaries in the US have grown by seven per cent during the

last year, according to a survey by US publication PR News.

This is roughly in line with growth in the UK where salaries increased

by an average of 8.4 per cent in agencies and 5.5 per cent in-house over

the last 12 months (PR Week, 1998 Salary Survey).

The US survey showed that PR salaries are growing most quickly in the

technology, healthcare and financial sectors. Practitioners in these

areas have seen their salaries grow by between 10 and 15 per cent.

The highest PR salaries in the US are at in-house technology companies

and hi-tech agencies in New York. On average, the president of a hi-tech

PR agency in New York brings home pounds 174,000. An in-house senior

vice-president in a technology company earns pounds 181,000.

By contrast the highest-paid UK agency chairmen earn an average of

pounds 75,000 - with certain high profile exceptions. The highest-paid

in-house PR directors earn, on average, just under pounds 70,000.

The PR News survey found that the average account manager in New York

earns between pounds 46,000 and pounds 56,000, depending on the industry

sector of the agency.

However, outside New York and other large cities salaries are less


For instance an agency president in the industrial sector in a small US

city earns pounds 54,491.

Top US Salaries

Average salaries in-house for senior vice-presidents of communications

at large companies (pounds 1.25 billion turnover)

Consumer                      pounds 141,000

Industrial                    pounds 105,000

Health care                   pounds 165,000

Financial services            pounds 150,000

Hi-tech                       pounds 181,000

Average salary for CEOs at New York agencies

Consumer                      pounds 128,000

Industrial                     pounds 93,000

Health care                   pounds 148,000

Financial services            pounds 135,000

Hi-tech                       pounds 175,000

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