Opinion: From our Readers - Don't be too quick to attack council mags

The debate on local authority magazines vs local newspapers is in danger of leading to the baby being thrown out with the bathwater.

Culling informative council magazines or legislating against them will not save newspapers. I support newspapers unreservedly, but salvation depends upon successful monetisation of online content, better pay for juniors and intelligent reconfiguration of the sector.

The irony of councils 'feeding the hand that bites them' has long been a sore point. This irony is most acute when misleading copy shares a page with several thousand pounds' worth of legally required public notices.

The proliferation of council newspapers is arguably a reaction to the challenges faced by the public sector, including attitudes from some reporters ranging from hostility to apathy or the extortionate advertising rates for placing public notices.

The best council magazines are apolitical. Pre-general election there is a danger of them being demonised by politicians craving media endorsement.

Martin Gavin, senior communications officer, London Borough of Brent.

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