Media: Hit or Miss - Damian McBride breaks silence to speak to The Guardian

The spin master speaks The PM's shamed special adviser, Damian McBride, has maintained radio silence since April, when his private emails containing suggestions for a website to spread personal slurs against the opposition hit the news.

That is until this Monday, when he gave major interviews to the Media Guardian's James Robinson and BBC Radio 5 Live expressing his shame and reliving the story in detail.

Mike Granatt, Partner, Luther Pendragon

Why on earth did McBride bother? PR people can be their own worst advisers, and this just proves it.

The formula for a successful comeback after political disgrace is well proven. Apologise, vanish below the radar and find a worthy job. A long time later, let some friendly hack rediscover you, humble, penitent, and wiser. The great strength of the long game is that the new story will dwell on your rehabilitation. It will certainly recall the original offence, but with any luck it won't resurrect all the ancient, grinding detail.

But McBride has been too impatient. He had already discovered that the wages of spin can be a bloody good kicking.

Now he knows that if you get up too soon, you'll just get mugged again.


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