Editor's Desk: Andy Capper, Vice

Style and substance magazine Vice opens up its doors to PRWeek

Vice editor Andy Capper
Vice editor Andy Capper

Describe the magazine

Vice is a monthly magazine that specialises in ‘immersionist’ journalism. We deal with a wide range of subjects, ranging from sneaking into North Korea, living with Hezbollah and gangs in Liverpool, to more personal stuff such as learning how to milk your own prostate and whether or not licking a tropical frog in Brazil actually would get you high. We also interview interesting people and feature fashion and literary, games and music reviews.

Who reads it?

We have a core audience of 18- to 30-year-olds who find the magazine in record shops or fashion outlets/bars and universities, but we also have a huge subscription base in our 22 different countries. I know Ian Hislop reads it, which makes me very happy.

What sets Vice apart?

I don’t know if we have any rivals. We’ve been lumped with the term ‘style mag’, but our fashion content is about five per cent. Sure we have photos of good-looking, half-naked young men and women falling out of trees in hot pants, but that’s next to an eight-page photo essay on the slave labour camps in Dubai.

Vice coverWhat makes a great Vice feature?

It would have great photography and great, simple writing. It would make you go: ‘Wow. That has really told me something I didn’t know.’

Of which feature are you most proud?

I like to look forward rather than looking back. My dad enforced in me that too much of a sense of pride over past achievements is not a good way of getting things done.

What sort of relationship do you have with PROs?

The ones with whom I work are dedicated to their jobs with an emotional attachment to their work. Vice is not a PR-led magazine so we don’t work with them that much, but the fashion and music departments do.

PR pet peeves

When they ring you up and read off a piece of paper about some event/product they can barely describe.

Media must-haves

I have to say viceland.com and VBS.tv, our IPTV station.

Circulation 89,000
Contact email info@viceuk.com

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