ANALYSIS: THIS WEEK’S BIG QUESTION - Should you go into business with your partner?

Lambeth Council chief Heather Rabbatts and Mike Lee are considering starting an agency.

Lambeth Council chief Heather Rabbatts and Mike Lee are considering

starting an agency.


’Public relations is an all-consuming life, so living with your business

partner can be a formula for extreme happiness. Success will follow if

your skills are complementary: he/she is charming while you are

hard-nosed; he/she is creative while you have your feet on the ground

Man/woman PR partnerships are famous for their high voltage; even better

if you share a duvet as well as a dividend. My answer to the question is

a whole-hearted yes.’

NICK BAND, Band and Brown

’Life is complicated enough without mixing business with pleasure. You

will end up taking your work home with you from the office, to the

dining room and then to the bedroom. Every relationship needs a lot of

space and working together everyday does not allow it. The danger is

that either the business will fail or the relationship will fail.’


’Boundaries should be established so that couples have an idea who does

what in both situations, of course with room for adaptability. The roles

will vary for both parties in the workplace and home. You should be able

to shut the door of the office and open a different door into your home

life. The golden rule is to leave time at the end of each day to relax

where talking work is banned!’

ALISON CLARKE, Shandwick Welbeck

’Of course - providing you set the ground rules. Having clearly

identified the individual roles, a couple would need to be sure they

could work within a team without competing! Remember not to be too harsh

on one another over dinner if one of you has just lost an important

pitch. It’s bad enough being rejected by a prospective client, but a

lecture over dinner would just be too much.’


’Yes, as long as you plan very carefully and have very clear boundaries.

You have to be able to separate your personal life and your business

life. Work conflict is healthy as long as it is resolved, while couples

can have screaming rows as long as it is not in the workplace. At the

end of the day you need to be able to close the work door and begin your

social life.’

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