Editor's Desk: Dominic Smith, Nuts

Lad's magazine editor explains why he thinks they beat rival Zoo hands down

Nuts June edition
Nuts June edition

Nuts in one sentence?
Nuts is Britain’s biggest-selling men’s weekly, providing an exciting dose of girls, gadgets, sport, jokes and pictures.

Who reads it?
Young British men. We get letters from students, builders, office workers and we have a huge following
in the Armed Forces.

What differentiates you from your rivals?
Our direct rival is Zoo, which we outsell by 80,000 copies a week. Our subject matter is similar, but Nuts leads the market in terms of innovation. Any new regulars or design innovation in Nuts tend to appear in Zoo three weeks later. 

Dominic SmithDescribe a classic Nuts feature
Anything that elicits a ‘crikey!’ from the reader, whether it is a brilliant gadget, an amazing new babe, or an incredible story of bravery in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Do any particular celebs prove especially popular?
Girls such as Lucy Pinder and Jennifer Ellison have an enduring appeal, while men need to be funny and/or aspirational. John Terry, Ross Kemp and Sacha Baron Cohen are all big Nuts favourites.

Do the closures of Maxim and Arena worry you?
I am sorry to see any magazine close, but any successful title needs a clear, consistent editorial vision and Maxim in particular had lost that. I think Nuts is more relevant in 2009 than either of those titles, but this is a challenging time for men’s magazines.

Do you think the men’s magazine market is changing its focus?
Not hugely. Men’s interests are broadly the same but their means of obtaining information is changing.

How much contact do you have with PR professionals and what are your PR pet peeves?
I deal direct with celebrity agents, but PR enquiries are dealt with by the relevant section heads. Some PROs still seem to pitch stories that have absolutely no chance of appearing in Nuts. Read the magazine first.

Media must-haves
The Sun, BBC Radio 1, talkSPORT, Sky Sports News and Adam and Joe’s brilliant show on BBC 6 Music.

Circulation 234,034
Contact nutsmagazine@ipcmedia.com

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