Editor's Desk: Annabel Brog, Sugar

Sugar celebrates 'teenagers who love being teenagers', with interviews with Miley Cyrus and Zac Efron among others.

Annabel Brog: Sugar editor
Annabel Brog: Sugar editor

Who reads Sugar?
The average reader is 14 years and nine months old, but our readership covers 12-year-olds up to those aged 17 or 18.

What is the aim of the magazine?
It is a fashion and lifestyle magazine for teenage girls. We aim to entertain and reassure, but because of the age of the market, it is impossible not to assume a sense of responsibility for them. They are vulnerable and we want to make them feel good about themselves.

What makes an ideal Sugar feature?
Five years ago everything had to be aspirational and young girls were trying to emulate Sex and the City. Now teenagers love being teenagers and are proud of their own brands, such as the Jonas Brothers, Twilight, High School Musical and Hannah Montana.

Who would be an ideal Sugar cover star?
There used to be the same celebrity on the covers of Sugar, Cosmopolitan and Vogue. Now, with the exception of Cheryl Cole, cover stars are ‘teeny’ and include Miley Cyrus, Vanessa Hudgens and Zac Efron.

Sugar coverOf which feature are you most proud?
We did a feature on menarche parties, which are parties thrown in the US for girls to celebrate their first period. The article was fun and there was something fabulous about the whole idea of your first period being a cause for celebration rather than utterly mortifying.

How do you respond to claims that girls’ magazines encourage underage sex?
I would just say, read the magazine. Point out anything that you have a problem with. I challenge anyone to find anything published in the past three years that is irresponsible.

Describe your relationship with PROs
It is fine, but we sense they treat us with less respect than ‘serious’ journalists. Although there is humour in what we do, we are serious journalists.

What are your media must-haves?
I love The Guardian and I love to hate The Sunday Times. I also enjoy The Superficial and Perez Hilton blogs.

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