The UK's biggest tech agency, Edelman grew its tech fee income by a stunning 51 per cent to take top spot in this year's Technology Top 40. Led by MD Jonathan Hargreaves, key wins included HP's IPG business, Symantec and Telnic. Tech fee income now accounts for a quarter of Edelman's total revenue in the UK.



Name of agency: Edelman

Address: Southside, 105 Victoria Street, London SW1Y 6QT

Telephone: 020 3047 2000

Email: jonathan.hargreaves@edelman.com

Ranking in Tech Top 40:

% growth in tech fee income: 51%

Ranking in Top 150: 5th

Tech fee income 2008:

Total fee income 2008: £24,834,550

Total staff 2008: 30 (Tech) 254 (Edelman)

Who is in the hotseat? Jonathan Hargreaves, Managing Director

Sum up your agency's 2008 in three words: Roller Coaster Ride

Three best tech client or campaign wins:
HP IPG, Symantec, Telnic

Tech highlights of 2008: Edelman Technology embraced the move to broad influencer marketing activities, identifying the broad set of stakeholders who are shaping the views of client audiences and reaching them through traditional and new media channels. We also did stuff on Twitter of course.

Plans and predictions for tech PR in 2009:
There will inevitably be some continued downward pressure on Tech PR budgets throughout most of 2009, though many of the cuts that might be made already have been (*touches some wood*).  Inevitably clients will continue to test the waters of social media and digital channels and start finding the right mix of old and new media, and will use social media for increased direct public engagement. Some will get it right, plenty will get it wrong, and the community at large will happily highlight and debate both.

Tech business or brand to watch in 2009 and why: Too many to pick just one. Obviously, anything starting with ‘Tw...' (that's a joke, by the way). Keep your eyes on the big boys. Microsoft had a relatively quiet 2008 and you can't see that lasting for too long; Google will continue to attract attention for any and all innovations but will also find itself under increased scrutiny, and in buying Sun (and therefore Java) Oracle owns one of the internet's prime properties - it'll be interesting to see what it does with it! The move to increased use of data services on mobile will be inexorable...Apple's brought touchscreens and the mobile app market to mass attention, all other mobile operators and handset manufacturers will be looking to outdo it. Exciting times.

Describe your agency's digital offering: Edelman is a recognized leader in digital communications. We offer an integrated team with expert capabilities including social media communications, website design and build, and online marketing and reputation management. We've succeeded because we've put digital at the core of our business and integrated conversational thinking in everything we do.

How are you keeping up to date with social media: We immerse ourselves in it every day.

One thing you won't know about the agency:
Our meeting rooms are named after the cream of British comedy talent, including Little Britain, Eric & Ernie, French & Saunders and, err, Brand (Jo and Russell share this room).

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