Chameleon PR

Chameleon PR topped tech fee income of £1 million in 2008, securing 18th spot in the Technology Top 40. Led by CEO and founder Helen Holland, the agency scored new business from CA, Siemens Enterprise Communications and Global Graphics, fuelling impressive tech fee income growth of 16 per cent.


Name: Chameleon PR

Address: :
London: 60 Mark Lane, London, EC3R 7ND
Manchester: Trident 1, Styal Road, Manchester, M60 5XB

London: 020 7680 5500
Manchester: 0161 435 6023 



Ranking in Tech Top 40: 18

% growth in Tech Fee Income: 16% (0708 to 0809 increase) 

Ranking in Top 150: 136 

Tech fee income 2008: £1,010,000  

Total fee income 2008: £1,200,000 

Total staff 2008: 15

Who is in the hotseat:

Helen Holland - CEO and founder

Rob Skinner, managing director

Steve Loynes - head of London

Sum up your agency's 2008 in three words: Cornerstone Client Wins 

Three best tech client or campaign wins:
Siemens Enterprise Communications (UK PR)
Global Graphics (global PR)

Tech highlights of 2008:
Social computing gaining ground
Apple iPhone launch
Free our data debate

Significant hires in the tech team in 2008:
Rob Skinner promoted to deputy managing director September 2008
Steve Loynes joined as head of London December 2008

Staffing overall 2008:
15 people, Highly experienced team of consultants

Plans and predictions for tech PR in 2009:
Value will remain paramount
Sales leads generation PR will stay in demand
The biggest industry consolidations yet will impact
Smaller technology companies will do well and require communications assistance
Social media will finally become mainstream

Tech business or brand to watch in 2009 and why:
Google, given its market presence and general influence, particularly in mobile. Also, expect to see some fast-growth internet-based consumer offerings make real progress.

Describe your agency’s digital offering:
By focusing on the ‘3Cs’ – Content, Channels and Conversations – we help companies engage with their communities of interest to provide a tangible impact on how the brand is perceived
Our online and offline services are fully integrated because they both contribute to the same job and should not be handled in isolation.
What Google says is a company’s reputation; Google’s opinion is formed by online media, online information sources, bloggers and conversations. Chameleon helps a company manage its reputation online

How are you keeping up to date with social media:
By practicing what we preach as a company
Continued employment of social media talent
Development of effective partnerships

One thing you won’t know about the agency:
There are a few things that people won’t know about Chameleon:
A high proportion of our work is multi-country
A lot of our activity is focused on analyst relations
We have monthly beer sessions with tech journalists
We have three offices, not just the advertised two
We’ve got more boys than girls

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