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JCPR secured third spot in this year's Consumer Top 50, after a stable 2008. Led by founding partners Jackie Cooper and Robert Phillips, the year saw it launch a specialist content practice that partners with producers to build solutions across various media. Impressive results arrived in spectacular fashion with Wonderbra's groundbreaking 'Science of Sexy' campaign. JCPR also moved in with Edelman at swanky new surroundings in Victoria, putting integration to good use for the likes of Stella, Aricept and Canon. It is this breadth of expertise that, likelier than not, will prove critical in the years ahead.



Name: JCPR

Address: Southside, 105 Victoria Street, London SW1Y 6QT 

Telephone: 0203 047 4000   



Ranking in Consumer Top 50: 3

% growth in consumer fee income: 2%  

Ranking in Top 150: 5  

Consumer fee income 2008: £6,132,244   

Total fee income 2008: £24,834,550 (Edelman)  

Total staff 2008: 55 (JCPR), 254 (Edelman)    

Who is in the hotseat: Jackie Cooper and Robert Phillips, Founding Partners

Sum up your agency's 2008 in three words: Celebratory, Global, Traction  

Three best consumer client or campaign wins:
Starbucks; Seven Seas: HalibOrange and Multibionta; Alzheimer's Awareness campaign for Pfizer/Eaisai  

Highlights of 2008:   
2008 saw the launch of our Content Practice, a specialist consultancy that delivers a new take on creativity and collaboration.  By partnering with a range of producers we are able to offer unique content solutions that can be leveraged and exploited via digital, offline PR and social media communities. This was seen in our recent ground-breaking campaign for Wonderbra - ‘The Science of Sexy' by Dita von Teese: Results included over 600 pieces of coverage, 3,200 blogposts, our film being the no 1 viewed entertainment film on YouTube and Top Five Google ranking for our website, driven by search alone - the campaign has just been nominated for an International Sabre award.

Other Hero campaigns included:

    * Xbox:  Shifting the paradigm from a games console to an Entertainment Brand. A sustained campaign of strategic music, talent and celebrity partnerships, content launch moments and brand experiences delivered a significant brand perception change for media and consumers in 2008. Constant engagement and momentum saw media that had never considered Xbox relevant covering the brand on a daily, weekly and monthly basis.  Campaign delivered a reach of over 1 billion
    * Shell:  Created and launched a major international campaign to train drivers to save 10% or more fuel.  Successfully demonstrated concrete behaviour change by showing two in three drivers saved fuel and the best improving fuel efficiency by 24%.  Campaign driven online and offline delivering well over 2000% ROI and reach of over 180 million
    * Covent Garden: A series of high profile, culturally-led experiential partnerships, reaching its peak at Christmas with a stunning  show with United Visual Artists, delivering four double-page spreads in the Evening Standard and ROI of 35:1
    * PUMA: Helped to generate over 800 pieces of branded coverage across more than 35 countries surrounding PUMA's sponsorship of Team Jamaica and Usain Bolt at the Beijing 2008 Olympic Games. Advertising Age (25.08.08) analysed that global online chatter about the PUMA brand increased by 64%  
    * Seven Seas: A consumer health campaign that clinically supported the significant and quantifiable impact Cod Liver Oil can have on reducing the pain of Rheumatoid Arthritis; utilising advocacy group support and spokespeople - with 93m OTS, the national campaign was cited by Dr Hilary Jones as "health story of the week"

2008 was a milestone year for JCPR:
We celebrated 21 years of delivering ‘Hero Campaigns for Hero Brands'.  We partnered with cult publication Dazed & Confused and co-created Reinvention,, an anniversary catalogue which showcased two decades of our most iconic work - from ‘Hello Boys' for Wonderbra right up to the launch of Halo 3 for Xbox.

Our move to a new office in Victoria was also a landmark moment - bringing three Edelman companies together under one roof in what the FT described as ‘the office of the future'.  It wasn't all about swanky surroundings but a deliberate strategy to foster cross-practice integration, delivering best value solutions for our broad portfolio of clients.  This was quickly realized in successes for clients such as Stella (Consumer and PA); Aricept (Consumer and Health); Canon and HP (Consumer and Tech). 

Significant hires 2008:
Emma Nicholson joined JCPR as a consumer division Director: clients include Mars, Starbucks, Merisant. 

Plans and predictions for consumer PR in 2009:
There is no doubt that 2009 will bring challenges - although, as part of an independent agency, we are not distracted by shareholders and can focus 100% on our clients in tougher economic times.  Our focus will continue to be delivery on a daily basis - stellar campaigns with commercial impact and excellent execution.  We believe this is the strongest driver of client satisfaction and retention.

Cultural and behavioural insights will continue to play a big part in our successful consumer campaigns - from our global strategic role on Dove, to delivering compelling experiences for Londoners in Covent Garden, to driving communication on ownable wellness platforms in a regulatory environment for Seven Seas.

In today's communications environment, continuous and consistent communications across all stakeholders - including employees, media, investors, consumers, Government, NGOs - is a key driver of trust and brand loyalty.  Top down communications have been replaced by a sphere of cross-influence in which all issues and all audiences are inter-connected. The activities of consumer brand marketing can no longer be separated from corporate comms; reputations can be broken at the click of a mouse by citizen consumers who are holding business and brands to account faster than ever before. Boutique agencies who do not have the required breadth of expertise to deal with these issues will struggle.

Value for money will be increasingly important and we believe that PR's time has finally come: as an industry, we have the opportunity to take a lead among the marketing disciplines, delivering effective and authentic messages across every stakeholder group in a new era of Public Engagement.  

One thing you won't know about JCPR:

Once you take Jackie and Robert out of the equation, our average age is 27!

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