Tara Hamilton Miller: Sorry comes too easily for some

Apologies from the Evening Standard newspaper for being too negative; 'We boobed' full-page regrets from Marks & Spencer; David Cameron has said sorry; Gordon has mumbled something similar; football thug Ledley King 'regretted' beating up a bouncer then wetting himself...

Tara Hamilton-Miller
Tara Hamilton-Miller

This collective confessional gripping the nation has to stop. It is making the humble art of ashamed apologies obsolete. It appears one can do absolutely anything as long as one says sorry afterwards. Derek Draper has gone further and suggested he should be punished. Form an orderly queue here.

Cameron must be sick as a pig. Since 2005 he has battled to eliminate the image of the Tories as ‘moat owners’. Cross-party, the expenses claims have been absurd but there is something about chandeliers, tennis courts and swimming pools that is just so horribly self-indulgent and old-school Tory.

The swiftness with which Cameron moved displayed courage, making Brown look out of control. Cameron immediately apologised, Brown followed, Cameron pounced on his colleagues and demanded repayments, Brown attempted a clumsy version of this.

Cameron was the leader who understood just how stunned and disgusted the nation is. Expect more of the tough-guy approach over the next few months. The Tories have worked too hard at this for their reputation to perish this close to a general election.

One MP told me each shopping trip resembled ‘doing your wedding list all over again without having to get married’. Over the next few months many MPs knocking on doors will struggle when canvassing. Try looking a struggling pensioner in the eye and telling her how much you need that under-floor heating for your shower room.

Conservative councillor Mark Heenan summed it up by writing the following. ‘I am a Conservative candidate in the county elections. I have to canvass tomorrow. I will be taking flak for a bunch of p****s who claim more in expenses for their food than I earn all year. T***s. Thanks a bunch.’

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