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Google Profiles: a new LinkedIn?
Google Profiles: a new LinkedIn?

Posted by Dave Fleet

4 May

I don't care when you joined Twitter. Maybe ten million people joined Twitter before Oprah.
That leaves somewhere in the region of 6.7 billion people who didn't. Here's what I care about: that you interact with others. That you share things of value. That you tell us who you
are - fill in your bio, post a picture and don't act like a faceless company. If you do
those things, I couldn't care less whether you're an early adopter or part of the majority.

Speed is of the essence

Posted by Dan Thornton

2 May

Although I already knew the difference in broadband speeds around the world, seeing the direct
comparison in a BBC article on 100Mbps broadband really leapt out at me...Now I know  companies will be able to justify the additional cost for the faster speeds available, but what's the cost for entrepreneurial individuals if they're stuck on 2Mbps?

Google profiles

Posted by Robin Wilson

1 May

Last week, Google Profiles started coming up in Google search results for a person's name. Two
implications leap to mind. Company spokespeople should make sure their Google Profiles are up to date. And is this going to take the place of LinkedIn? I'm not convinced. My only niggle is you can't see the profile search results unless you are logged into your Google account on your
googlemail address.

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