Editor's Desk: Aubrey Day, Total Film

Total Film is one of the leading film magazines in Britain, and in their eyes, the world

Aubrey Day: Total Film editor
Aubrey Day: Total Film editor

Describe the magazine

Total Film is the UK's, and probably the world's, liveliest movie magazine, covering everything from blockbusters to art-house and indie fare.

Who reads it?

Anyone with a love of film. Our core readers are aged between 18 and 35 and predominantly male.

Who are your rivals and what makes you different from them?

In the UK, Empire, although that is somewhat more 'establishment' than our magazine. Total Film is made by and for film fans rather than the film industry and so we tend to be a little 'edgier', for want of a better word. And perhaps a little more likeable.

What makes a great Total Film story?

A-list access comes easier to us than most, so a great feature is usually a combination of exclusive access and a unique angle.

Total FilmAny celebrity involvement?

Directors George Lucas and Guillermo del Toro have both contributed. Peter Jackson, who directed Lord of the Rings, guest edited an entire issue and actor Edward Norton directed a photo shoot. Brad Pitt once sent us a very funny email.

Explain your new 3D venture

3D is the big cinema story of the year, so we wanted to reflect that with a special issue. It has proved popular and the issue contains 3D ads.

What relationship do you have with PROs?

Pretty good. Their agendas and ours are not always the same, but we normally come up with a workable solution.

PR pet peeves?

PR professionals at the major studios are usually quite smart. Personal publicists, on the other hand, can be a nightmare - humourless and sometimes just plain stupid. They should accept that we know what we are doing.

Media must-haves?

I like bits of Vanity Fair and US Wired. Design-wise, I actually find fashion and women's magazines more interesting. Shane Watson's editorial in The Sunday Times Style is always good. TV-wise, Mad Men and Two and a Half Men.

How are you keeping up with social media?

The usual; Twitter, Facebook, etc. I always feel guilty that my updates are not compelling enough, but I can never say too much in case competitors are reading.

Circulation: 85,981
Lead times: 8-10 weeks
Contact: aubrey.day@futurenet.co.uk

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