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Firms need to listen

Posted by David Cushman

6 April - Now we have tools to make everyone a publisher, a distributor and a marketer, many of us who employ those tools are raising expectations. When we publish we expect our voices to be heard by organisations about which we are publishing. And we expect action as a result. But for them to even listen requires the employment of good listening tools and expertise and fundamental shifts in thinking.

Blogging down under

Posted by Daniel Young

5 April - Government plans to monitor social media in Australia are a 'waste of taxpayers' money', says Nick Minchin, the opposition's communications spokesperson. Huh? What's the point of social media if no-one's listening? Social media provide government with access to public feedback. Of course they should be monitored.

Street view revolt

Posted by Jon Clements

3 April - Local residents (of the Buckinghamshire village of Broughton) have sent the Google Street View vehicle packing by forming a human barricade. It's about privacy, say Broughton's inhabitants; Google says it is working within the law ... Broughton seems to be saying: 'Listen Google, I'm happy for you to track down the cheapest car insurance and my secondary school sweetheart, but keep your 360-degree cyber nose out of my property.'

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