Voluntary Sector: Taking Action ... G20 Meltdown/Stop The War/Climate Camp vs G20 leaders

Protesters: G20 Meltdown, Stop The War Coalition, Climate Camp

Target: G20 leaders / banking community

Location: London

Date: 1-2 April

What happened?

G20 Meltdown led a 'Financial Fool's Day' protest where four groups of protesters, representing The Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse, converged outside the Bank of England. Stop the War Coalition and other anti-war groups held a march ending at Trafalgar Square, and Climate Camp activists took over a street in the City. Some protesters, not linked to any group, smashed their way into the RBS headquarters and were arrested.

Why were they protesting?

G20 Meltdown wanted the G20 ministers to admit that free-market capitalism is the problem, not the solution to the current economic, ecological and political meltdown. Climate Camp wanted to expose carbon trading as a 'financial fraud'.

How did the G20 leaders and the banking community respond?

While politicians defended the right to peaceful protest and slammed the violent minority, The Guardian reported some City workers were seen waving £10 notes at the protesters from office windows.

How did the media cover it?

The London commuter press ran front-page warnings for weeks prior to the event. One headline in thelondonpaper warned of an 'explosive confrontation'. Sky News and the BBC ran the protests and the G20 as lead stories for the two days.

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