The king of spin goes digital

Alastair Campbell has told PR Week of his new-found passion for online comms.

Campbell: 'King of Spin'
Campbell: 'King of Spin'

What started off as a status update here and there is snowballing into a flurry of digital content.

Welcome to the new world of Alastair Campbell. He is among us, Tweeting, blogging and vlogging, and for all we know even poking too. If he knows how to poke, that is. ‘I don’t really understand Twittering and Tweeting and all the rest of it but I’m learning,’ he confesses to PR Week.

Amid the speculation over Labours new media strategy, Campbell has already denied he is leading the party’s online fightback (PR Week, 28 January). But he admits when it comes to Labour’s forays online, of the Blairites he and John Prescott are ‘the real drivers now’.

‘Hopefully by what we’re doing we will show lots of other people in the Labour Party you can reach people this way.’

For the full interview with Alastair Campbell on new media, see Friday’s PR Week.

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