Prayers, Atheists and 'detox' cash cow!

Flack welcomes in the new year with a hushed prayer for deliverance that has emerged from God's very own press office.

The Church of England has published two new prayers - one to comfort those made redundant, and one for those remaining in the workplace. Let's hope the latter's refrain of 'Who will be next?/How will I cope with the increased pressure of work?' doesn't become a familiar sound from the toilets of some top agencies.

Working for the other side, the Atheist Bus Campaign launched its campaign this week, featuring 800 buses emblazoned with the cheery slogan: 'There's probably no God. Now stop worrying and enjoy your life.' The launch was attended by 100 members of the press outside the Royal Albert Hall. 'No-one from the tabloids, though,' poster-girl-for-Atheism Ariane Sherine told us. 'They don't seem very interested in this kind of thing'.

The new year 'detox' cash cow is back and this week prompted fatal media tactics from a certain Nas Amir Ahmadi, MD of Detoxinabox. Appearing on the Today programme she denied claims made on her website when confronted with them by The Guardian's Dr Ben Goldacre. She laughed and replied: 'I think you must be referring to the wrong website, doctor.' Later, there was an announcement: 'The doctor was right about the website...'

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