Media: The Editor's Desk - Keith Walker,

- Describe the website's editorial agenda

We are the fastest-growing men's lifestyle site because we give men exactly what they want. It's not just about pretty girls these days. We have really funny football content and virals.

- What has changed in the redesign?

Our new traffic driver, Spambank. It allows anyone to upload funny emails and virals.

- What makes a great feature?

Everyone has contributed to Spambank, from our interns to the publishing director. A colleague at Wallpaper* uploaded a manbabies viral, which is exactly what it sounds like - babies with men's heads superimposed on.

- Of which online element are you most proud?

Our new ad format. The old ads annoyed users but now they don't get in the way. I like our Wilkinson Sword Movember campaign, which gets people to grow a moustache for charity.

- What is your biggest PR pet peeve?

'This'll be good for your news section' emails, when we don't have a news section. I understand that they have something to promote. Our users don't mind if they watch an exclusive interview with Lewis Hamilton describing how it felt on the last corner when he won the F1 Championship, if they have to see him talk briefly about how cool the new BlackBerry Storm is.

- Name your media must-haves

I am on my iPhone from 6.30am looking at news, Facebook, and Apple Insider.

How are you keeping up with social media?

In our own way. We have a 'my nuts' section, where girls wishing to get into modelling post semi-clad pictures of themselves.

Lead time: 45 minutes. Site updated from 6.30am-11.30pm
Circulation: 1.4 million unique users

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