Media: Hit or Miss - Spectacular own goal for Arsenal and French international Gallas costs him captaincy

Gunning for himself Arsenal and French international footballer William Gallas has discovered that literary promotion is not as easy as it looks. In an Associated Press interview to launch his autobiography, he accused teammates of a lack of bravery and spilled the beans on friction in the squad. The result? He was stripped of the Arsenal captaincy, dropped and fined two weeks' wages (£180,000). Let's hope his advance covers it.

HOW I SEE IT - Henry Chappell, Chief executive, Pitch

They say all publicity is good publicity, but surely not if that publicity costs you your job and the respect of your peers. That is what Gallas has done with his ill-thought-out words criticising his teammates. By breaking the biggest taboo in team sports -what goes on in the dressing room stays in the dressing room - he has managed to alienate pretty much everyone in the sport, including the people who would have been willing to shell out £15.99 to buy his wretched tome - Arsenal fans. The whole episode has served to confirm what we had long suspected - he is a petulant, divisive and self-serving figure who is ill-equipped to deal with the demands of captaincy. If only French defenders would be willing to score own goals as spectacular as this every time they played England.


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