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Posted by Ed Lee

24 November

Google users can now comment on and either promote/demote/delete search results. The creator of the world's most powerful and expensive algorithm is giving up and leaving it to the unwashed masses to determine what results they want to see... The key to SEO in the future will be the same as SEO in the past. Make great products; make great marketing; get people talking about you.


Posted by Ben Matthews

24 November

There's a lot of chatter on Twitter this morning about Be-A-Magpie, a service that will pay you to insert ads into your Twitter stream. According to TechCrunch, advertisers pay on a cost-per-thousand-impression basis, and the ads are promised to be delivered to relevant audiences based on keywords.


Posted by Tim Warren

21 November

Faced with present levels of piracy, the content industry's most expedient and potentially profitable response seems to be competition, rather than trying to sue every pirate out of existence. In fact, as far as I can see, this attitude is increasingly becoming the mainstream - and it's this that has me concerned, the ominously increasing availability of entirely legal free content.

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