PR chiefs still optimistic in face of recession worries

Future prospects - Bosses hope that PR will become more attractive as the economic slump bites.

Top PROs are optimistic that public sector PR projects will continue to be funded despite the looming recession.

Mike Granatt, partner of COI-rostered Luther Pendragon, said the downturn may not harm PR.

He said: 'Whatever else may be ahead, public and private sector PR has never had a more opportune or challenging opportunity to demonstrate its cost-effectiveness compared with some of the blunt and expensive alternatives.'

Portland PR partner Steve Morris said there were signs that the Government would focus more on PR in the coming months.

He said: 'There's been a trend in policy-making away from heavy-handed regulation and old-fashioned state provision to a new model of empowerment, education and information to help people make good choices in their own lives. Comms and PR can play a big role in that.'

The Conservatives have called for less public money to be spent on communications, but Morris noted Tory leader David Cameron's interest in Richard H Thaler and Cass R Sunstein's book, Nudge. The book recommends empowerment over legislation and Cameron's interest may suggest a healthy future for COI-rostered agencies after all, speculated Morris.

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