Media: Hit or miss - Exam board finally agrees to withdraw Gary Glitter song from curriculum after protests

Tarnished Glitter Britain's biggest exam board this week responded to pressure and withdrew a song by convicted paedophile Gary Glitter from a GSCE listening list. The Sun reported on Monday that the Assessment and Qualifications Alliance (AQA) had included Glitter's hit 'I'm the Leader of the Gang' as recommended listening for music students. Campaigners complained that Glitter - Paul Gadd -would be earning money in royalties from downloads.

How I see it

Zoe Dubber, Senior consultant and member of the education group, Trimedia UK

Let's face it, this was a big mistake. No doubt there are lots of red faces at the AQA. The spokesperson quoted in The Sun who said that the song is a 'really good example' for use in GCSE coursework was clearly on the back foot. The result: a damaged reputation, at least in the short term. Organisations working in the realm of children's education have an inherent responsibility to ensure that their recommendations are acceptable. Some might argue that acceptability is open to interpretation, but this decision clearly shows a lack of judgement. The AQA must now learn and move on in the hope that the media do not give this convicted paedophile any more column inches.


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