Flack: BlackBerries, waterproof socks, and Cockney rhyming slang!

HarperCollins director of comms Siobhan Kenny caused an outbreak of compassion when she emailed a journalist to apologise for not responding earlier. 'My bb died at the weekend' she explained, referring to her packed-up BlackBerry. Lo and behold, Kenny received an outpouring of sympathy when she arrived at work on Monday, her colleagues believing that she was referring to her poor little doggy...

Andrew Sachs' granddaughter Georgina Baillie's burlesque group The Satanic Sluts have scored £2.4m of equivalent advertising space following the Russell Brand/Jonathan Ross debacle, according to reputation monitoring firm Ebiquity Newslive. That's 9,570 column centimetres of hot national press action...

And to throw a bucket of cold water over any readers excited by that last item, Pelican PR has been hired to launch the world's first waterproof sock. Yes, really. The Greater Manchester-based consultancy has been hired by SealSkinz Sport to promote the groundbreaking socks...

Last week's Flack took to task a PR campaign by Travelodge's Shakila Ahmed. We repeated a blogger's claim that she'd got regional phrase definitions wrong. Ahmed called us to point out all phrases were taken from experts and that Travelodge would not mistake the word 'piazza' for a Spanish word, as reported. Fair enough, we made a 'jaffa' (jaffa cake = mistake in Cockney rhyming slang).

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