Flack: PRWeek Awards, domains, survey blogs and Queen visits!

Fallout from the PRWeek Awards continues apace. Ever since Blue Rubicon's Consultancy of the Year gong disappeared, head honcho Fraser Hardie has been in detective mode. 'No joy,' said a befuddled Hardie this week. 'It may have been melted down for its precious-metal content.' For the latest fallout and images from the PR industry's biggest night, go to www.prweek.com/uk...

Meanwhile, are you looking for differentiation in these hard times? Morgan Johnson Networks has the answer. It is buying Puerto Rican web domains and selling them to agencies, thus transforming a boring old www.agency.com into a snazzy new www.agency.pr. With innovation like this, we laugh in the face of the credit crunch...

PRWeek profile star Shakila Ahmed of Travelodge-bonkers-stunts-fame came a cropper last week when one of her feted surveys created pure blog venom, thanks to a number of inaccuracies. 'Where do I start?' wrote one disgruntled hack. '"Oggies" are Cornish pasties, not pies, idiot. A "piazza" is a town square in Italian, not Spanish. The German word for sausage is "wurst", not "wiener".' Oops - not up to Ahmed's usual standards...

Newsnight producer-turned-Google head of UK comms Peter Barron pulled off a PR coup by getting the Queen to visit the firm's offices. But he appeared all over Telegraph.co.uk's video footage looking very pleased with himself. You're not in broadcasting any more, Peter.

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