Editor's Desk: Trish Halpin, InStyle

Fashion magazine InStyle relaunches to keep up with the industry's love of style and celebrities

Trish Halpin, InStyle editor

Tell us about InStyle's relaunch

We have maintained our status as a fashion magazine with amazing access to A-list celebrities, but the visuals now have fresh appeal. There is an extra shopping section that is practical and frugal; the other shopping section is more luxurious.

Explain your market position please

We sit in the space between fashion titles such as Vogue and Elle, and more celebrity magazines such as Marie Claire. InStyle is not as hardcore as Vogue or Harper's Bazaar. We offer warm and friendly advice.

And who are your readers?

Mid-twenties to early-thirties women who are fashion savvy and confident about their personal style.

So what makes a great InStyle feature?

We like exclusive access to a celebrity through people close to them, such as Eva Longoria's hair stylist after doing hair at an awards show. I would love to interview Kate Moss - she is the ultimate British style icon.

Of which feature are you most proud?

I love international fashion collections. Stella McCartney, among others, gives us great access. John Galliano has a photo we shot just before the models took to the runway framed on his wall.

What is your biggest PR pet peeve?

I get bombarded with about 40 to 50 blanket emails a day. About 90 per cent are irrelevant and a waste of my time. They need to target the right person - the masthead says exactly who does what.

What is the Halpin media diet?

I usually look at the Daily Mail to keep up with what our readers buy. I listen to BBC Radio 4's Today programme to get my mainstream news early, which frees up my day to catch up on celeb news. I also love Desperate Housewives.

Lead times: 3-4 months
Circulation: 180,879
Frequency: Monthly

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