Flack: Congestion, apartments, McQueen and Lehman!

Kellogg's comms director Chris Wermann has been a naughty boy. He issued an email to all 1,000 Trafford-based employees suggesting they vote 'no' in the Manchester congestion charge referendum. 'No pressure' said Wermann, possibly while asking his good pal Peter Bingle for some free lobbying advice...

Spare a thought for Brahm PR group account director Tim Downs who has received death threats for promoting some trendy apartment blocks in Yorkshire. No, it is not a disgruntled client, but a chilling phone call suggesting Downs desist or be 'drummed out of Hebden Bridge in a wooden box with the lid nailed down'. The perennially chipper Downs told PRWeek: 'Receiving death threats first thing on a Monday morning is not how I'd normally start my week but a change is as good as a rest I suppose.'...

Publishing company Pavilion's PR team are no film buffs. They issued a press release about a Steve McQueen book, asking: 'Who could forget the legendary 12-foot motorbike jump over barbed wire fencing in The Magnificent Seven?' Err, we think you mean The Great Escape, chaps...

Finally, Ogilvy UK EMEA MD Ash Coleman-Smith revealed that the company's Canary Wharf HQ has become a prime spot from which to view the breakdown of the financial markets. He said: 'I looked out the window the other day and they were all out there burning their Lehman Brothers bags.'

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