The Editor's Desk - Vino Vethavanam,

You're one month into the role so tell us what you look for in a story.

The breadth of content we offer shows that, as women, we can be interested and focused on many different things. Just because you are a full-time mum doesn't mean that you are not interested in the latest fashion trends or celebrity gossip.

I have always viewed iVillage as a virtual girlfriend. A great iVillage story should inspire our readers, too. We need to give our readers something to think about - a new angle, even. And we need to stay trustworthy and reliable. I'm looking for diversity and depth in our stories. I want to tap into what our readers are thinking and feeling and help guide them through different stages of their lives. iVillage is a place to visit regularly, consume meaningful content and respond to it, so our stories have to reflect that, offer the full picture and evolve - just like our readers do.

- Of which piece are you most proud?

One that stands out was when I managed to get an online exclusive interview with Destiny's Child. I was also quite proud of a piece I wrote dedicated to martinis - mainly because it was a lot of fun and I got sent 60 bottles of vermouth.

- What are your media must-haves?

I get really sucked into the various 24-hour news channels. I am obsessed with food magazines. I have always loved Vogue for something more serious yet dreamy but confess to enjoying celeb mags such as Heat and Now. I'm addicted to American shows: Heroes, Grey's Anatomy, etc. I watch them all, but prefer to buy the DVD box sets and consume loads of episodes at once; it's a guilty pleasure. I read a few blogs but am not a regular on any of them apart from one by my friend in New York.

- MySpace or Facebook?

I've lived in Belgium for the past three years, so Facebook is a great way of keeping in touch with people without actually having to do much.

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