From our Readers - Maybe Dick Turpin could replace the NLA

Congratulations on an excellent piece on the future of PR (Features, 12 September).

How interesting to read that visionaries are looking towards 2020 - with facts replacing spin, more sceptical consumers and a shocking revelation from Orange's Mat Sears that, one day, the PR industry will work outside the hours of nine to five.

And what about our old chums at the Newspaper Licensing Agency? Our poor cousins at NLA Towers could find themselves in a sorry predicament come 2020.

I'm sure I'm not the only one harbouring thoughts about how I might spend the huge sum of money the agency currently pockets for photocopying my own press releases from newspapers.

Sadly, I doubt we will have heard the last of the NLA in 12 years time. It would come as no surprise if it was to shell out for a team of lawyers to impose e-news licences.

May I suggest a more transparent way of collecting money, inspired by Dick Turpin - don a mask, brandish a musket and shout: 'Stand and deliver!'

- David Hamilton, corporate communications manager, Fenland District Council.

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