The Editor's Desk - Bill Borrows, TalkSport magazine

Radio station TalkSport has recently launched digital magazine TalkSport Magazine. The online-only publication can be read as a 'live' magazine on the TalkSport website, and is also being sent to subscribers via email.

- What makes a great TalkSport cover story?

A great cover story is one that tackles the biggest breaking sport story with a mixture of wit, insight and irreverence. It could be flat (two dimensional) or it could have Flash content (moving graphics). It should always capture the attitude of the magazine and the station. To that end we leave it as late as possible, which always gets the adrenaline pumping.

- What is your biggest PR pet peeve?

Cold-calling. A PR person recently asked me to send them a copy thinking it was a print mag. Phone down I'm afraid. Anyone that doesn't know we only appear online clearly hasn't read the magazine, so they obviously aren't that interested in us.

- Of which story you've written during your career are you most proud?

I enjoyed tracking down Hunter S. Thompson for Loaded while on a road-trip across the States. I knew where he lived and bribed a waitress to take him a copy of the magazine. The subsequent meeting, bar brawl and general chaos not only got me great copy, but resulted in an invite to return two years later.

- What are your media must-haves?

I read all the papers for my job but away from the office I read The Spectator, Private Eye, Esquire and Uncut. In terms of TV I make sure Sky+ is set to record Dexter and The Apprentice. I watch Gordon Ramsay's The F Word and Question Time and Newsnight when I get a chance. You won't be surprised to hear a lot of sport gets watched too.

Frequency: Weekly


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