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A Cloudy outlook

Posted by Brendan Cooper

7 August - I cannot see the silver lining for the cloud. This is, of course, a criticism of cloud computing. While I absolutely love the idea of harnessing the power afforded me by Yahoo's server farms to do weird and wonderful things with RSS, I hate, detest and loathe the notion that I am totally dependent on them to be able to do so. I know that one day I will have really seriously important stuff in, say, a spreadsheet on Google documents, that I cannot access when it is critical that I must access it. Or I will get into trouble with a client because they will blame me for not making sure their RSS feeds are working properly.

Social media's future

Posted by Dan Thornton

4 September - Many of the people I work with have seen the benefit of using social media as part of the overall strategies for marketing and the business as a whole. However, there is still a lot of work to make it more integrated, show more of the benefits, and recognise where improvements can be made. With a bit of perspective, things can get a bit clearer. All the people I deal with on a daily basis have lots of concerns, and the use of social media is just one part of their jobs/roles/lives/plans - and for some it is a fairly small part. And that is how it should be at the moment. Eventually, I believe that the tool of social media should be integral to everything we do.

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