Opinion: From our Readers - Gordon Brown is past the point of no return

Many things have been written about Gordon Brown's leadership and the need for a 'fightback', 'relaunch' or 'more effective communication'.

Quite frankly, there comes a point where public perception is so entrenched against an individual or organisation that absolutely nothing will work.

In many ways, Brown has reached this point of 'perception no return'. The tide of public opinion is now so trenchant against him that it has even been suggested by credible Labour Party sources that he should 'bypass' the media and communicate directly with the public (News, 15 August).

This is a sign of desperation and arrant nonsense. If the product is fundamentally broken and the message flawed - no amount of PR or 'spin' will rectify it.

In today's TV and internet age, Brown lacks a 'core competency': to convey a sincere, confident and commanding persona. The Government will continue to wither until it replaces him.

While Labour vacillates, partial paralysis sets in as Westminster and Whitehall wait for clear direction.

John Read, MD, International Insights.

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