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- I Am a sponsored link

Posted by Melanie Seasons -

23 August Today while waiting at a tube station, I saw a poster for Orange's 'I Am Everyone' campaign. If you look closely, you can see in the corner a little bit that says: 'Search online for "I am".' At first I was thinking how cool it was - an entire campaign based on SEO for a really broad term. Questions whizzed through my head. How did they start the campaign? How did they build the site to get that term SEO-friendly? How much time did it take to get to the top of page one? Why the phrase 'I am'? How many people click through? Can they tell if people are searching for the term with Orange in mind? That was all until I got back to my friend's flat and found that 'I am' actually returns a sponsored link on Google. So much for creativity.

- Apple pips its rivals

Posted by Tim Dyson -

22 August OK, so my little survey is far from accurate but when asked: 'Who does the best PR?' Apple got more than half the votes. The rest (Dell, IBM, Cisco, Intel and Microsoft) were bunched tightly with only a few votes separating them. Apple has maximized the opportunities you get when you have a great consumer product (I think the iPhone is spectacular apart from its battery life issue). I also think it has managed to avoid bad press and instead get people focused on tips and tricks to solve the poor battery life issue.

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