The Editor's Desk - Simon Long, Kiss 100 Radio

- What makes a great news story or human interest piece for the station?

I am afraid the 'crisis' stories still prick up the most ears - 'Police nab Batman' was a great one recently. Environmental stories are increasingly important. We hooked up with Virgin heir Sam Branson for 'Kiss the Planet' where he reported from his Arctic expedition.

- What is your biggest PR gripe?

Using email has made all of us lazy at communicating and this particularly applies to some PROs. The generic and anonymously addressed email only gets you so far. A direct approach is always welcome and it really makes an impact if the PRO drops something in about Kiss' recent activity. A little trick that gets attention.

- Of which story or feature that you have commissioned during your career are you most proud?

The Kiss Pirate Soundclash. Kiss has always had a history of finding raw talent and that initiative celebrated the pirate radio roots of the brand, as well as giving a legitimate platform to talent that no-one else could or would touch. One of the winners is now a permanent Kiss presenter.

- What are your media must-haves?

Like a lot of people, I am not really watching 'live' TV much now (4degD and BBC iPlayer are seeing to that) although I always manage to find time for Grand Designs. Question Time is always a favourite too (just to cathartically shout at the TV). The only magazine I buy is Empire.

- How are you keeping up with web 2.0, social media, and blogs?

I am on Facebook but after an initial flurry of excitement I got a bit wary when I started to get tagged in too many pictures I'd rather forget! I have a couple of blogs bookmarked as favourites - geeky radio and film things like James Cridland's blog or FilmDrunk.



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