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Do some homework Posted by Stuart Bruce 11 August


There is a distinct lack of general knowledge among younger people. I am not expecting Mastermind levels of general knowledge but I do expect anyone who works in PR to know things such as: the names of government departments and cabinet ministers; characters and storylines from Shakespeare's plays; names of the 'top' PMs and presidents; key historical events; the locations of UK cities; current 'hot' books; capitals of major countries; and the world's 'great' newspapers. This is by no means a comprehensive list, but I am constantly disappointed by how little some people know.

Hard to control
Posted by David Brown
8 August

And so the greatest PR show on earth begins. The 2008 Olympic Games is finally upon us, offering China the chance to showcase itself to a global audience. Already persecutions, pollution and protests have been the order of the day as the harsh glare of the world's media spotlight shines upon Chinese society. The Beijing Government has had to pay some lip service to press freedom as part of the deal to host the Games but it is soon realising how impossible it is to control when you have news-hungry hacks rampaging. If you put yourself in the market for Hello!-style coverage then you have to accept that others may try to glimpse beneath the carefully polished veneer.

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