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12 July Interesting piece in The Guardian highlighting the accomplished PR job that has been done around Princes Harry and William. It details how their profile has been transformed from one shaped by their own youthful 'misadventure' and the paparazzi to one that is carefully managed by PR. Witness a wealth of tabloid-friendly publicity stunts and photo opportunities, such as Harry's school-building in Lesotho last week. The underlining truth is common to all PR. If you wait for the media to seek you out or come across you when you're compromised, their angle will not be the one you would choose. Whereas if you approach the press proactively, then the coverage will be far more positive.



11 July A strange side effect of the pervasive spread of the internet is that we have all become used to being able to find everything pretty much at the click of button. A knock-on from this is that freedom of access to other digitised materials such as music and film is also seen by many as a right - or at least as something that needn't trouble their wallet. The Register has memorably described such people as 'freetards', but the fact remains that there is a significant chunk who cannot see what is wrong with getting cool stuff for free. The problem is, how do you get the genie back in the bottle?

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